I'm a mom, a travel enthusiast, a lover of golden milk lattes, and a bookworm who just can't resist a good read. But more than anything, I'm a fierce believer in the power of intentional living.


I was the girl who ticked every societal checkbox. Graduated. Moved to Washington DC. Landed a marketing gig. Got the whole package — good job, good healthcare. But something was missing. Remember Groundhog Day? That was my hometown. And for a while, it felt like my life's theme.

Maybe, like me, you've stared at the ceiling, wondering if this is it? Why does checking the boxes feel... empty? What about joy, passion, life?

Then, the world paused. COVID-19. With my daughter's life pivoting online, I asked my 9-to-5 for a bit of grace—a flexible schedule. Instead, I was handed an ultimatum: career or family.

It was the nudge (or shove) I needed. Taking the leap into freelancing wasn't just a professional move; it was a personal renaissance. 

So, why start the blog and share all of this?

Honestly? Connection. It's everything. In a world full of swipes, likes, and DMs, finding real connections feels like striking gold. I've been there – feeling lost in the crowd, trying to find my people. That's why I'm all about crafting spaces where we can genuinely vibe, where every story, every laugh, every tear counts.

I wanted to create a hub where support isn't just a word but an action. A place for raw talks, invaluable resources, and those 3 AM realizations. I'm glad you're here. Let's keep it real and build our own corner of the internet, together.

based  on  a
true  story

Big believer in creating a life that a life you don’t have to pretend to like

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I was born and raised in small-town Pennsylvania. Ever heard of the groundhog that predicts the weather? 

Highland cows are my spirit animals. 

I have two doodles. This little guy is Fergus.

I have a serious case of wanderlust - my travel bucket list is longer than a CVS receipt.

New Girl is my guilty pleasure. And let's face it, with every passing day, I'm realizing that I'm more Nick Miller than I am Jess Day.