Now that you’re nodding your head, that’s a sure sign you should start to spend your life living it the way you want instead of chasing approval and checking boxes. 

Helloooo— Did we not learn anything from the iconic High School Musical scene of ‘Stick to the Status Quo’?!  Going against the norm is how your story becomes movie-worthy. And if not, it’s time ditch the predictable playbook and rewrite your plot. 

Sunlight > Blue Light

Fresh Flowers, Always

Long Morning Walks

Real Human Connection

Travel as Soul Care

Laughing until it hurts

Everyone thinks it, but no one is talking about it 

And by that, I mean the voice in your head you can’t seem to quiet that’s questioning, “Is this really it?”

I know what it feels like to want to hit the reset button on the direction you’re going in, wanting to do the things everyone else tells you not to, and go off-roading from the directions society hands to you

In case no one has told you this— Let me be the one to say that there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re not the only one. It’s that the path less traveled is just that, less traveled.

Once upon a time (because let's be real, every good story starts with those four words), I did something wild just because I felt like it...

Sure, on the outside, things looked great on paper. I had the job, the paycheck. As Annie Parker puts it in The Parent Trap—the whole enchilada.

But inside? A different story. I stayed in that corporate marketing job that sucked the life out of me because it was the "safe" thing to do.  Until one day, an old manager hit me with a wake-up call that left me wide-eyed: "Sometimes we have to choose between our family and our careers."

Cue the cliche inner dialogue of introspection and existential crisis while laying in bed at night thinking: Is this really it?

I said sayonara to that soul-sucking job, and packed my bags to new horizons. Fast forward four years, and here I am, re-learning to live life on my own terms and bringing others with me along for the ride. 

Because who wants to live a life that feels like a never-ending rerun of someone else's story? Not me. And definitely not you. Life's too short for a stereotypical script that doesn't sing to your soul. 

Hi, I’m Lakin, and I have a thing for making unconventional decisions for the hell of it. 

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You should also probably know that I can quote The Office like the back of my hand, always have a trip booked, and read books like it’s my job.

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I’m a life enthusiast fending off thanatophobia by feeling and experiencing as much as possible 365 days a year.

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So, if you're down to dance to the beat of your own drum, make decisions that scare you, and take the damn trip— I think we’ll get along great. 

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Within the imposing walls of an abandoned Spanish quarry, sculptural silhouettes and fluid fabrics bring romance to architectural surrounds.

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